Emmerson  Associates are pleased to announce their partnership with Globus Intelligence;  an international investigations consultancy run by lawyers for lawyers with the aim of providing irrefutable trial-standard evidence.

From 2011 to date, the Globus team has established itself as a force to be reckoned with due to its role as lead investigator for President Kenyatta of the Republic of Kenya in connection with the case brought against him by the Prosecutor (OTP) in the International Criminal Court.

In February 2014 the OTP has now accepted that presently, in the absence of further evidence, it does not have a case which would succeed at trial.

So why are Globus different?

The Globus team assembled in the Kenyatta case has been built and trained for an investigation in Kenya deploying principally native Kenyans through all areas of the investigative operation.  Only they have the experience and knowledge of ethnic nuance and tribal language which has enabled them to infiltrate and penetrate an organisation like the Mungiki, Kenya’s answer to the Mafia, which had provided the bulk of the prosecution witnesses against President Kenyatta.

With this stringent attitude, seeking only the best experts world-wide to evaluate and analyse this evidence, Globus subsequently turned to Emmerson Associates to provide the expert witnesses who would analyse the evidence  and provide the reports which helped to build the successful case for the defence of President Kenyatta.

Globus applies this underlying principle to all international investigations:  a fresh team is built for each investigation in a new country using local people and knowledge.  They will then turn to Emmerson Associates to ascertain which of their bank of experts will be asked to become part of the team.  Our experts are highly qualified, world-reknowned and well-used to providing expert witness at Court.


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