Mr kenyattaThe Hague – The International Criminal Court has today announced that all charges against Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya, have been withdrawn by the OTP prior to trial.

Established in1987, EmmersonAssociates, a small independent Forensics Consultancy, has maintained their leading position within the forensic science sector. By drawing on the vast experience of our dedicated team of forensic professionals, we provide a wide range of services for clients throughout the UK and abroad, dealing with many serious and high profile cases.

We were honoured to be selected by trial counsel Steven Kay QC and Gillian Higgins and lead investigation counsel Gary Summers in 2012 to be their sole forensic supplier for the defence of the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.  The International Criminal Court had been pursuing prosecution of Mr Kenyatta since 2010 for alleged crimes against humanity.

The defence brief to turnover every stone in advance of the case coming to trial chimed with Emmerson’s proactive approach. We were tasked to provide a multitude of reports.  This was an enormous undertaking which utilised many skills including, but not limited to, handwriting interpretation, linguistics, authorship analysis, mobile phone and cell site reports, voice clarification, comparison and recognition of the Swahili and Kikuyu dialects and state of the art equipment to assist the investigators on the ground.

Many challenges arose whilst undertaking this investigation which were unexpected but extremely satisfying to solve.

Mobile phone, cell site analysis and linguistic forensics became intrinsically important aspects of this case where Emmerson experts were able to use the advancements in forensic technology to prove or disprove many claims made.

Our expertise was so highly regarded that our telecommunications expert assisted by the telecommunications industry in Kenya, was employed as a single joint expert for both the defence and prosecution.

As a result of suspicion of collusion among witnesses, linguistic analysis was undertaken to prove fabrication of witness statements and common authorship by one author. Reports by our expert were served upon the Prosecution to reveal this state of affairs and were not challenged in the proceedings.

It has been a great honour to be involved in such a high profile case at the ICC and we thank Steven Kay QC, Gillian Higgins and Gary Summers of 9 Bedford Row International and the company that was formed to service the investigation –Globus Intelligence Ltd -for the opportunity to work with them.

International Criminal Law Bureau

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