Toxicology & Drug/Drive

Toxicology deals with the analysis of body fluids for the presence of compounds such as poisons and drugs. In complex cases a toxicologist will consider the compounds detected in a sample and may provide an interpretation of their presence.

Cases where toxicology is significant include date-rape and murder. In the former, whether the complainant’s drink had been ‘spiked’ with a drug may be considered. In relation to murder, the possible combined effects of drugs, including alcohol, is often the issue. Consideration of this kind of information requires an experienced toxicologist.

Casework enquiries include:

  1. consideration of the results reported by the Crown and whether their interpretation is correct;
  2. whether any other drugs could have produced the same analytical results;
  3. whether a defendant’s history of drug/alcohol abuse could have an effect.
  4. In relation to drug drive cases, we provide comment on;
  5. results of blood/urine analyses;
  6. preliminary impairment tests;
  7. results reported by the medical examiner;
  8. defendant’s indicated pattern of drug use in the previous 24 hours.

Expert services include:

  1. Re-analysis of blood/urine
  2. Drug drive reports
  3. Preliminary impairment tests
  4. Patterns of drug use

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