Drugs/Hair Analysis

Cases involving drugs generally relate to seizure of bulk quantities of drugs. We regularly comment on:

  1. amounts for personal use;
  2. tablet manufacture;
  3. results of chemical profiling of heroin;
  4. cannabis cultivation, including hydroponic set-ups and yield calculations

We also provide expertise in the examination of packaging (e.g. clingfilm, poly bags) and review work undertaken by the Crown. Items such as clingfilm and poly bags can contain features and marks that are not visible to the naked eye. These marks and features can be examined on items used to wrap drugs and compared to, for example, a roll of bags or a roll of clingfilm recovered in relation to a case.

Hair analysis

We also provide drugs screening and analysis with regard to hair samples.

As one centimetre of hair contains on average one months information it is obviously a more effective test which covers a longer retrospective time frame than blood/urine testing.

Expert services include:

  1. Identification of drugs
  2. Analysis of blood, hair and urine samples for drugs
  3. Estimation of future yields from cannabis cultivation
  4. Interpretation of drug levels in blood and urine
  5. Report on likely impairment of driving ability
  6. Re-analysis of prison samples
  7. Drug identification by chemical profiling or microscopic examination
  8. Drugs on bank notes & other items
  9. Comparison of cling film wrappers or plastic / poythene bags etc

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