Emmerson Associates is well-known for its expertise in cases involving alcohol consumption where the charges may be Driving With Excess Alcohol and being Drunk In Charge of a Motor Vehicle. In these cases we undertake relevant blood/breath/urine alcohol calculations, including back-calculations. Common casework enquiries include:

  1. Consideration of the substantive breath testing procedure;
  2. Blood and urine collection procedures;

Functioning of the three main substantive breath testing devices (Intoxilyzer 6000UK, Intoximeter EC/IR and Camic Datamaster) including the minimum breath requirements, etc., as set down in the Home Office Type Approval documentation;

  1. The effects of storage on samples;
  2. How samples should have been handled/analysed by the relevant laboratory;
  3. Interpretation of breath test printouts;
  4. Interpretation of results of blood/urine alcohol analyses.

We can also arrange for analysis of the defendant’s portion of a blood/urine sample and interpret the difference between the Crown’s result and the defendant’s analytical result, if required.

We also undertake breath/blood/urine alcohol calculations in relation to more serious charges such as rape, murder, death by dangerous driving, etc.

We regularly provide reports in cases of Failing to Provide relevant specimens (whether breath, blood or urine) which would include a review of all relevant documentation including:

  1. Results of spirometry (lung function) tests;
  2. Breath requirements of hand-held roadside breath screening devices;
  3. Breath requirements of police station evidential breath testing devices.

Expert services include:

  1. Back calculations
  2. Laced-drink calculations
  3. Hip flask calculations
  4. Drunk in charge
  5. Failure to provide
  6. Blood & urine sample re-analysis
  7. Report on reliability of breath test
  8. Report on continuity of breath test
  9. Report on effect of medication on alcohol levels
  10. Report on ineffective breath test procedure
  11. Report on continuity of blood or urine sample
  12. Elimination rate testing

Alcohol Technical Defence plus Statutory Defence to Drunk in Charge

Breath testing devices including Failing To Provide

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