Principal Scientists

Forensic CCTV


Mr Millar served in the Royal Signals for 16 years, specialising in ground-based telecommunications networks, and applying his skills in the Balkans, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan.  He also trained in 2G and 3G architecture, protocols and implementation.

His experience in the critical assessment of telecommunications site reconnaissance imagery and CCTV control rooms was so  highly regarded that he was integral to the assessment of battlefield imagery with US Central Command, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Having left the Royal Signals, Neil’s primary focus now is CCTV casework, specialising in facial mapping, height analysis, vehicle and object analysis.  For imagery-related reports, he uses specialist forensic imaging technology and methodology to examine video and photographic evidence.

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After a successful career within Bedfordshire Police,  with twenty one years spent specialising in road traffic accident investigation and a further seven years as the Senior Collision Investigator, happily Roly is now one of Emmerson’s most respected accident investigators and vehicle examiners, analysing and interpreting the information gathered from road traffic collision/incident scenes, the parties and the vehicles involved, and witnesses to the collision/incident.

Roly is also a qualified Tachograph Expert.

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Highly regarded and experienced, Dr Olsson has been working as a forensic linguistic expert since 1994.  His work has been given in evidence internationally at all Court levels up to the US Supreme Court, as well as industrial tribunals and disciplinary hearings.

He has worked on all manner of cases from murder, terrorism, product contamination, blackmail, sexual assault, money laundering and narcotics investigations, cases involving electronic media and has analysed every manner of document.

He has published widely and often participates in scientific conferences, gives lectures and conducts seminars.

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Richard W Emmerson BSc (Hons) PhD CChem MRSC

Dr Emmerson worked at Home Office laboratories in Nottingham, Cardiff and Chepstow prior to entering private practice. He specialises in cases involving burglary, drugs, toxicology and alcohol-related matters.

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Louise Floate G I BIOL

Expert with over 26 years’ experience within the fields of handwriting and document examination as well as glass, toolmark and footwear interpretation. Examined a wide range of materials including paint, fibres, glass, toolmarks and footwear marks. Attended scenes as a fire investigator.

Regularly gives evidence at Magistrates and Crown courts. Produced statements in several high profile and complex cases including Operation Fincham (Ian Huntley) and the investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Mendes by the IPCC. Successfully led the national training and professional development programme of the Questioned Documents Units ensuring that all goals were met.

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Mr Roger Blackmore BSc, MRSC, CChem, MFSoc

Has practised forensic science since 1980 with over 22 years working on behalf of the prosecution and more than eight years working on defence cases.

Widely experienced within various areas including the examination, testing, analysis and comparison of items recovered during the investigation of crime. This experience includes a number of years spent analysing materials containing illicit drugs and working as an analytical toxicologist. Other specialities also include particulates (paint, glass and lubricants), marks (footwear, tools), incident reconstruction (fire investigation) and toxicology (alcohol technical defence).

Whilst employed by the Forensic Science Service Roger was an Authorised Analyst within the provisions of Section 16 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act, 1988.

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Mr John Page BA, MSBiol, CBiol & PGDip, Psy Soc

A highly experienced and versatile Forensic Scientist with excellent communication skills. A scene examiner in murder cases since 1997; cases of note include the death of Amanda Dowler and the serial murders in Ipswich.

Experienced examiner in drugs analysis, hair and fibre analysis, specialising in biological (DNA) material analysis (blood, semen saliva, urine and faeces).

Has regularly presented written and oral evidence within the Criminal Justice System including courts and case conferences; initially for Court and Police use in drugs and toxicology analyses, and latterly in offences against the person and property involving the transfer of fibres, hairs, all body fluids, conventional grouping, damage assessment and DNA profiling.

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Andrew S Fawcett BSC PhD CChem FRSC

Dr Fawcett worked at Home Office laboratories in Nottingham and Huntingdon for nearly thirty years before joining the company as a Senior Consultant. He is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of physical evidence derived from the microscopy, analysis and testing of man-made materials. Such materials include, but are not limited to, glass, paint and other coatings, construction materials, metal particles, fibres, soils, adhesives, solvents, chemicals and general debris. He is a fire scene examiner and has been an Authorised Analyst within the meaning of the drink-driving Acts for over twenty years.

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